How to Decorate Your Childs Study Room

By | August 16, 2019

No matter what the parents buy to their child, first of all they care about his health. Choosing a desk and a computer for school is no exception. Consider a number of key factors that affect the purchase, in more detail. The perfect option comes perfect with Flakko now.

School desk

Health and harmonious development: So that long work in a sitting position does not adversely affect the child’s body, the depth of the working surface of the table should be at least 60-80 cm, and the width should be at least 100 cm.


The optimal distance for the child’s legs under the table in-depth is 45 cm and 50 cm wide. For comfort and convenience of homework, the table should correspond to the growth of the student in several ways:

To check whether the table is correctly selected, you need to put a child for it, if its elbows are freely located on the countertop, and the bent legs are at right angles and touch the floor, then the choice of table is made correctly. This is the only way to prevent the negative consequences that a sitting position entails and to maintain the correct posture of the child.

Convenience and comfort: It is important to make sure that the child likes the workplace. So the student will be more pleasant to be behind him and, accordingly, do homework. In addition, the desk should be spacious so that it can freely store books, notebooks and other accessories. The more convenient the work at the table, the more productive it is no need to be distracted to bring the necessary textbooks.

Design: Different models of desks on the market in different ways allow solving the problem of organizing a workplace. In addition, they differ significantly in cost.

Standard design: This table has long been familiar to everyone: a rectangular countertop and a small number of drawers.

Computer desk

This design is the best solution if in the near future parents plan to buy a computer for the student. The model range is presented in the widest price segment from 1,500 to 20,000 dollars and above. The cost varies depending on the presence of a sliding panel for the keyboard, a special place for the monitor and CDs, as well as shelves for the printer.

As in other models, the price depends on the design and the material from which the table is made. So, glass computer tables are usually more expensive than models made of chipboard and inexpensive wood. It is important to pay attention to the fact that after placing on the table a monitor and other equipment there is enough space for work. Despite the convenience of a computer desk, many do not give preference to this model due to the fact that the student will always be in front of the monitor. This can only be avoided with an L-shaped table.

L-shaped table: Instead of the standard desk, you can pick up the L-shaped model, if the size of the children’s room allows. In this case, the student has the opportunity to do homework at one part of the table, and place the computer on the other. This is one of the most popular options, which is located in the middle price category from 2000 to 30 000 dollars. The cost depends on the availability of a pull-out cabinet, material, design complexity.