Smart Purpose Options For The Online Drugstore

By | November 26, 2019

The web is a huge mine of information, which is not always reliable. Especially when talking about drugs. What you do not want to do online is to buy prescription drugs. It’s not only dangerous, but it’s also forbidden. You risk a salty fine. As this is an illegal business, you have no guarantee whatsoever about the origin of the medicine sold, its quality and what it actually contains. To buy medication online usa these are the options that you can cling on to.

buy medication online usa

By ordering prescription drugs on the internet and having them delivered to your home, you risk receiving counterfeits: the products could be totally ineffective or even harmful to your health. Even if you are lucky to actually receive the medicine ordered, you are still at risk: the medicine you buy may not be appropriate for you or may cause a serious interaction with another drug you are taking. Not to mention the prices that can be exorbitant.

Do not surf with your health

Buying drugs online through unauthorized websites is playing roulette. To raise public awareness of these risks, the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products ran a campaign called medicines via the internet? Do not surf with your health. Although this campaign dates back to 2009, his messages remain highly relevant.

Free and personalized advice in pharmacy

In our country, the sale of medicines online is strictly regulated. You can only buy drugs on the internet that are not subject to prescription, and only on the website of an authorized Belgian pharmacy. This is a good thing because you can be sure that quality is guaranteed.

That said, by going directly to your pharmacist, you are also sure to receive free, personalized advice, including on non-prescription drugs and other health products. A drug is not sweet, recalled another campaign of the camp. Avoid taking medication on your own. Consult a doctor first or ask your pharmacist for advice. They are the best advisers for your health.

The online pharmacy you choose must also:

Guarantee not only the confidentiality of data and personal information, creation of a customer account on a secure server, guarantee of non-transfer of your personal data.

Offer you an online payment method, secure and encrypted: httpS type.

The site must also make available to consumers, customer service with telephone number and email address. The possibility to chat is a plus.

At what prices?

For non-prescription medicines, online prices generally lower fewer fees than in a physical pharmacy than those displayed in a traditional pharmacy.

For prescription drugs, the rates include not only the drug but also the medical e-consultation performed by the doctor-approved and the validation and management of your order by the pharmacist. That’s why the rates are higher than for non-prescription drugs.

What to remember?

Depending on the country, you may or may not be able to buy prescription and non-prescription medications. For non-prescription drugs, they are available in almost all countries, and in general at very competitive prices.

For prescription drugs, many countries distribute them subject to completing a medical questionnaire, which obviously increases the cost. The purchase on line thus has advantages: gain of time, freedom, discretion, and price. However, the consumer must be on the one hand responsible and, on the other hand to be particularly vigilant as for the choice of the pharmacy online.

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