Live Casino Strategy for Roulette

By | October 31, 2019

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Numerous popular roulette strategies have been used by people for several years now. But before we discuss them, let us tell you about a few important facts revolving around these strategies and the game of roulette.

  • Most of these strategies are taken advantage of in even bets.
  • The strategies can be beneficial to the gamblers but in the end, it all depends upon the decision of the gambler to stop or move ahead.
  • Choose a casino that offers a low minimum and high maximum wagering limit as most of the strategies work in longer sequences.
  • The strategies don’t make you rich, they only try to minimize your losses.


This is the most popular gambling strategy as it can be applied in almost all kinds of gambling situations.

The strategy guides the gamblers to double their last losing wager until they finally win. The main objective of this strategy is to compensate for the previous losses by one single win with an additional profit.

For instance, if you start with a $2 bet, proceed as follows: 2,4,8,16,32, etc. This way even if you lose the first 4 bets, the fifth win of bet $30 would give you a profit of $2, which is great.


  • The strategy is easily understandable for everyone
  • Compensates for all previous losses


  • Smaller profits
  • A larger bankroll is necessitated to stay in the game and reap the benefits of the strategy


This strategy is employed when the gambler is on a winning streak. Similar to the martingale strategy, the bet amount is doubled sequentially until you reach your desired winning pinnacle or the desired bailout amount.

For example, if you set $8 as your desired winning pinnacle, then with an initial bet of $1, then$2, $4, and finally $8, you leave the table with a net profit of $15, which also means that if you lose at any stage, the loss will only be $1.


  • Easy to understand
  • Higher profits


  • The disadvantage of the system is that it does not keep a count of your losses, which, if included in the calculation, might decrease your net profit.
  • Larger bankrolls are needed in case you choose a long sequence as your winning pinnacle.


This system is followed by a large number of gamblers as it involves lesser risk and minimal bankroll.

The objective of the strategy is to decrease the bet amount by one in case of winnings and increase the bet amount by one in case of closings. Similar to the other strategies, one needs to set a bailout limit for themselves.

For instance,

1st Bet – Bet $6 – win.

2nd Bet – Bet $5- win.

3rd Bet – Bet $4- lose

4th Bet – Bet $5- win

Hence, in this 4 bet sequence, the gambler ends up winning $5 with an initial bet of $6, without increasing their bet amount significantly.


  • Low-risk factor
  • Smaller losses
  • No higher bankroll required