In Search of the Best Condo: What You Can Do

By | August 29, 2019

The interest rate situation should not lead to an enormous increase in the financing period. Many offers currently attract a one percent repayment installment. However, many interested parties overlook the fact that the repayment plans have only a ten-year term and the interest rates are then renegotiated, fixed interest rates, which can be extended for higher interest rates over the usual 10 years ask your caring bank. A perfect visit to will make things easier for you.

With repayment of 1% per month remains after ten years, however, a huge residual debt. And since interest rates are unlikely to fall much lower than they are at the moment, you can expect much higher interest rates in the future. Ergo, it would be more advantageous to pay off the financing as soon as possible.

One way to secure the residual debt: with the conclusion of a home savings contract in the amount of the calculated remaining debt in, for example, 10 years, you secure the interest of today for the due date in the future. You pay the remaining debt so with the then due contract and pay this back at the agreed interest on completion.

To properly insure the home ownership

The right insurance package for the protection of the condominium is indispensable since a claim can quickly threaten the financial existence of a private investor. When buying a condominium and the associated entry into a community of owners, however, two fundamental assurances about the community are normally available:

  • The building insurance and
  • The liability insurance for landowners.

The former protects against elemental damage such as lightning, hail, flood or fire and thus secures the building or apartment itself. The liability insurance protects the owners in the event of personal injury or property damage caused by the breach of owner duties. For example, if the walkway is not cleared in winter and a person injured when slipping on the ice.

In addition, there is a whole range of other insurance, which makes sense depending on the use of the condominium. For financing, the residual debt insurance, this takes over the repayment in the event of the death of the main earner.

Landlords should take out rental loss insurance, which intervenes in case of rent losses due to damage or repair. Since there are many assets behind real estate and money is often disputed, insurance experts always advise to legal expenses insurance, which will pay for a lawyer and court costs in case of a dispute.

Terms in the Housing Property Act

Property owners must deal with numerous legal regulations and terms of the real estate industry. This already affects the acquisition process. The most important here is the Housing Property Act, the fundamental questions on the division of the division, the distinction between

  • Special property
  • Home ownership and
  • Community property,
  • Special use right as well
  • Completion certificate regulates.

The ownership must be clarified prior to the purchase of the apartment since the bank for the credit release requires the exact separation of home ownership.

Purchase contract and termination

The purchase of a property is a complex process, based on extensive legal regulations. An example of this is the purchase contract, which is only legally effective if the formal requirement has been observed. Otherwise, this is automatically ineffective for both parties.