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By | June 3, 2019

You hoped never to need it, maybe you have a backup (and hope to date), but sometimes bad luck cannot be avoided. Now that your data is lost and you want to recover it, you ask yourself “THE” question: how to choose the right data recovery provider? What should you consider before putting your important files (documents, photos, videos) in the hands of a third party? The services from salvagedata recovery offer the best support there.

Of course, you will easily find a list of companies specializing in data recovery; you just need an internet connection and a search engine, but making the right choice is another story. Here are some tips to make your choice:

Data recovery is not “a series of attempts.”

You need to keep in mind that data recovery does not allow for multiple attempts, in other words, that the first data recovery attempt is by far the one that is most likely to succeed. No one can stop you from sending your media to one data recovery provider, then to another, again to another, and so on. But your chances of recovering your data will decrease until you reach zero. Thus, the first data recovery company will have to be the most competent. For the same reason, you should not open (you or anyone else) a hard drive or other damaged media to maximize your chances of recovery.

Prefer a company you’ve already heard of

salvagedata recovery

Think about how you choose other important products / services. Do you go to well-known solutions / brands or rather to the first coming? If you are looking for a hard disk data recovery company, this is probably your only way to find your data. Do not take risks and choose a market-proven vendor you’ve already heard about and look at customer reviews when they are available on discussion forums and rating sites.

Give importance to the experience

Storage technologies are improving and changing continuously over time (e.g., flash technology, virtualization, encryption, etc.). This means that it is important to choose a company specializing in data recovery with solid experience in this field and dealing with thousands of cases every year. This can assure you that technical staff and recovery tools are up-to-date and that other cases like yours have already been successfully resolved. Long experience means better skills. Better skills mean better recovery.

Ask the right questions.

When contacting customer service, ask all the necessary questions, for example: what does the price include and what does it not include? There is nothing more unpleasant than paying a higher amount than expected. If no data is recovered, will you pay something? Once recovered, will the data be fully functional? Where will the data recovery be made? You may think that the recovery will be made where the company is located, but there are many cases where the media is sent to other countries, and you may encounter problems in recovering your drive. If the customer service answers are not clear and precise, you should avoid choosing this provider for data recovery.

Check partnerships

Check the partnerships between data Recovery Company and hard drive manufacturers; partnerships are an added guarantee of professionalism and technical skills. Be wary of logos posted on some sites that may be misleading.

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