The best activity tool for the most effective stairlift recommendation

By | March 7, 2021

Measuring the steps simply and effectively for the most effective stairlift advice: our PhotoSurvey professional Jesper is consistently attempting to boost the activity method to attain this goal. during this diary you get to stairlifts bristol , he talks concerning his work on Handicare and you learn a lot concerning our measuring device.

What is your position at Handicare?

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When somebody desires to shop for a stairlift, one amongst our advisors comes by. throughout this visit, the advisor, beside the consumer, examines that stairlift is best suited and therefore the stairs are measured. we tend to use special measurement instrumentation referred to as PhotoSurvey to live the steps. I’m perpetually rising this measurement instrumentation and that I try and make sure that everything works optimally. during this means our stairlift advisers will do their work even higher. for instance, we tend to recently improve our software package even more and given our measuring device a totally new twist.”

How long have you ever been functioning at Handicare?

“I started at Handicare 5 years agone as Associate in Nursing intern within the promoting department. once my post, I stayed at Handicare and learned everything concerning the activity systems we tend to use. I will translate the wants of our consultants into new technical solutions.”

Which enhancements are applied in recent years?

“Measuring the steps has become a lot easier. The case containing the measurement instrumentation currently weighs solely three.5 kilograms rather than fifteen kilograms and is thus terribly appropriate to require with you once you visit individuals reception. we’ve additionally improved the user functions, creating it a lot easier to perform a whole activity. we tend to detect that measurement throughout a home visit took loads of your time, which had to be shorter for each advisor and therefore the client. we’ve been able to shorten the time by an hour and through the house visit, the client is shown a 3D animation of what the stairlift appears like on the steps. These are improbably lovely developments”

“In the sphere of technology, developments are thus in no time. however not everything that’s attainable is additionally helpful to use. for instance, we’ve tried many various techniques, however in several cases, the activity method failed to essentially become less complicated. Ultimately, the foremost necessary principle is: what’s the customer’s benefit?”

How does one make sure that all advisors go beside new techniques?

“Our activity system has been well appreciated at intervals in the international stairlift marketplace for years. With these new developments, we’ve more improved a program that works well. For user-friendliness, we’ve chosen to not fully flip the activity methodology and software package interface the other way up. this suggests that the advisors will simply create use of the advantages that the new PhotoSurvey offers.”

“In the start, I worked loads “behind the scenes”, which meant that I used to be principally operating within the workplace. Then I got the chance to travel one step more. I used to be allowed to gift our concepts and merchandise at trade fairs and through events for an oversized audience. I noticed that I actually fancy these moments and acquire loads of energy from them. Those are the highlights of my work on my behalf of me. for instance, I once stood at a trade extravaganza in the Federal Republic of Germany with as several as fifty,000 guests. “

“I have worked loads on enhancements to the measurement instrumentation, each on software package and hardware. This even concerned some attachment and edge work. To finally be able to gift PhotoSurvey4D at the honest and to receive such positive reactions is de facto nice. At the Rehacare in Düsseldorf, for instance, I spoke to a traveler WHO had to figure on a daily basis with a traveling bag of up to twenty kilogram, she was therefore terribly grateful that there’s currently a system that weighs solely three.5 kg. Such nice reactions ar the most effective rewards for my work.”