Stewardship of Time and Talent - Volunteering at St. E's

  • St. Elizabeth Parish relies on its members to sustain its life and work.  Only with the generous participation of parishioners can our parish carry out its mission of worship, witness, and service in the name of the Lord, and do it well. That mission includes prayer and worship, responsibility for parish funds and property, faith formation of all, service and presence to people with a wide variety of needs and, in all cases, building up of the community.  It embraces everyone: the infants whom we bring to the font, our children and youth, adults with a wide range of backgrounds and families, and of course our most senior parishioners.  That mission embraces members of our parish and our neighbors near and far.  Although specific needs will vary from time to time, the parish can always use more help in carrying out particular aspects of its mission.  

  • Since each ministry, committee, council, and activity has its own task, time commitment, and specific requirements, please let us know if you would like to help and whether you have specific interests or time availability.

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