Financial Support of the Parish

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish relies on the generosity of its parishioners for the financial support it needs to carry on its life and work with the dedication and excellence that they deserve. Parishioners extend that support by means of cash or donation envelopes placed in the collection at Mass, checks that your bank sends directly to the parish on a schedule and in an amount that you determine, electronic funds transfers, and extraordinary or major gifts given whenever you wish.

Each year in the fall, we remind parishioners of the range, depth, and importance of the parish's life and ministries.  We ask all who can to consider their financial commitment to St. Elizabeth Parish in a planned, prayerful, and proportionate way, and to decide and budget their contribution on a yearly basis. Making an annual decision about one's level of support recognizes the importance of that decision for the giver and the parish, and makes it easier for the parish to do its own budgeting and pastoral planning.

Among the many ways of supporting the parish, the best of all is contributing via electronic funds transfer (EFT). EFT is convenient, requires only one decision, can easily be canceled or changed, and gives a solid sense of satisfaction that you are doing your part. Moreover, EFT provides a reliable income stream to the parish and simplifies the work of budgeting, processing collections, and accounting for income.

About 160 households contribute some 40% of parish operating income by means of EFT. We invite you to join them!  For more information or to sign up, please contact our business manager.

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