Preparation of green tea – how does it work?

By | April 21, 2019

The making of the green tea has differed from place to place and the taste that is acquired by the people and how they would like to drink it. Due to different climatic conditions and variations in the soil, the taste and flavor of the tea along with the aroma also vary from region to region. The best way to consume it is to whisk the powder and the hot water together and avoid getting the clumps if you must so use the strainer for the purpose and add warm water and whisk away. In the traditional preparation of the matcha green tea , it is done by the chosen which is ancient bamboo whisk. It does create a foamy kind of tea which then can be poured into your cup. Now you can matcha green tea

Art of tea making

matcha green tea

There is variation so drinking it such along with milk instead of hot water which can then made into tea latte, smoothie. It is also added foods such as bread, pastries, etc. to enhance their color as well as flavor with matcha green tea. It has some amount of caffeine hence a stimulant of nature. It is has been revealed that matcha tea is superior to all other green teas that are available. Weight loss is one of the main reasons that people are seeking to green for solace. But with regular exercise and diet along with the consumption of this wonder d=tea will bring about changes in the weight loss endeavor you have taken up.

When consuming matcha green tea, the whole leaf is consumed, and none of it wasted. Though this plant is native to China, due to the growing demand, now it is grown in many parts of the world — the definite increase in the amino acids. One cup of tea is made from four teaspoons of powder, this a lot more than what you would of regular teas that are usually consumed. Drinking this one cup would be sufficient to keep you charged for the whole day. The taste is as you develop it, as it isn’t delicious kind, its grassy and is bitter; sometimes people add a sweetener to enhance the taste or add milk to better the taste for consumption.

There are three kinds of match that are prepared

  • The standard way of the match is one teaspoon of green tea powder to a cup of hot water.
  • The thinner consistency of the tea would be half the teaspoon with more cups of water.
  • The thicker consistency which is two teaspoons of the match to one once of hot water, there isn’t any foam in this kind of tea preparation, and very high grade of matcha tea powder is used especially during ceremonies.

There isn’t a need for any equipment to get a good matcha tea going for you, just a cup spoon to whisk the tea, that will do the trick. To have the perfect drink, the result should have the froth on top with the drink being smooth when consumed making sure that you haven’t left any clumps while whisking it in the cup for consumption.