How to Choose a Photographer

By | June 14, 2020

Choosing a photographer at Wedding is an incredibly important task. Do not go for the easiest or cheapest alternative. This is because the photos are forever with you; they are reminders of the best day of your life.

North East Wedding Photographer

The web site of a North East Wedding Photographer  is a direct example of what kind of photographer they are. It is a very good indication of how they approach their photography if it is a bright, attractive, clear website. As with everything, the photographer uses their website to sell their company, following your first instinct.

Ask the Wedding Photographer for a portfolio of work he ‘d done for other customers and ask for examples of the photography style you want. Don’t be afraid to ask for the names and telephone numbers of some customers that the photographer had worked with before to get a good feel for how to work with them. The photos in their portfolio may look impressive but may be inaccurate or difficult to work with. It’s best to find out this in advance, rather than the big day.

Once the wedding photographer has a clear idea of what you need from them, it’s time to discuss costs, again it’s important to meet a couple of photographers to make sure value for money is received.

Regardless of what style of wedding photography you agree it’s important to stay in constant touch with the photographer, run ideas off each other and point out any places you feel lacking? Will they get up close and personal or do they standoff? Were they put what you had mentioned before the wedding into practice?

Note, these are memories that will stick with you forever. You have to make sure they turn out just as you want them, it is too late after the wedding.

Once the Wedding Photographer has done his job and the big day is over it is now time to decide how the photographs you want to receive. The cheapest choice is to place them on a compact disk and give them to you, but do you really want to deliver your wedding pictures?

A smart way to do this is to ask the wedding photographer to take as many photos as he can, and then send them to you. Now you can go through all the photos and decide which ones you want to keep and which not. The photographer of the wedding can now collate all the final photographs and put them in an album that you both like.

Maybe the album doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s probably the only one you’ll ever purchase so look at what the photographer might give. If they have nothing you fancy you can buy one on your own and give it to them to fill for you.

You’ll now get all the photographs you want on the album that you want to deliver to you. In my view, this is the best way to get photographs that tell the story of the best day of your life.