House Renovation with the Best Choices

By | December 21, 2019

A renovation, whether it is repairing annual wear or beautification, is never really nice. That is why it is important to make a well-founded plan in advance, on which you will follow the renovation step by step. You can have the αναναινιση σπιτιου done perfectly now.d

Collect as much information as possible

Collecting information is the start of the adventure. Buy renovation magazines or interior design books: you can never get enough ideas. Determining your style is never easy. That is why you can also collaborate with an interior specialist for this. He or she will help you on your way to the interior that you dream of. Forums can be interesting for answering specific questions. You can also be inspired by the homes and interiors on the website.

Are structural renovations really a necessity?

You do not need an architect when performing no structural work, for example when removing a non-load-bearing wall. An architect is almost always required for a renovation. From the moment you make a change to the facade or make structural changes to the home, you always have to hire an architect, says expert.

Make a financial estimate

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Financially see how you are doing, you can’t ignore that. What is your budget, can you still go outside in other words, do you have reserves and if not where are we going to get this money? It is essential to prepare a financial estimate for the renovation. Make a note of what space you want to handle, inquire about prices and decide on the budget. It is nevertheless important to always build in a small margin. For the current prices of materials and, for example, mortgage interest rates, you can always go to the back of the magazine.

Compare quotes from different contractors

Never decide immediately who you want to work with for the renovation. Requesting many different offers is not necessary. You rely on quotations from four or five different contractors.

Consider what you can do yourself

Helping hands can make a difference. In the meantime, the work will progress faster and you will also be able to save financially. Yet this financial benefit remains to be seen. For example, you have to take into account that professional contractors pay 6 percent on materials. When you buy this material yourself, you will have to pay 21 percent VAT. So it’s best to get started yourself if you don’t have to buy much material, such as demolition work, and when placing a bathroom, for example, you can hire a contractor.

Plan the renovation

Prepare a schedule in advance. This allows you to properly follow the different steps and their duration. If it turns out that it will take a little longer than agreed in advance, you will talk to the professionals about this. You also have to do everything in the right order. Otherwise, you may be stuck at a certain moment and you cannot continue with the following. Absolutely it is avoidable.

Keep following the finances

Always keep your nose on the finances. Let it ever slip between your fingers, but keep an eye on this.

Good craftsmen

You want to do some parts of the renovations yourself, you can. But sometimes it is also advisable to hire good professionals. The most important characteristic of a good craftsman is punctuality.