Finer Aspects for the Best Environmental Understanding and Performance

By | January 15, 2020

Perhaps, as you reflect on the reality of your business, you may find it easy to identify when the work environment is good or bad. But this is where many managers make mistakes. The truth is that the construction of a truly pleasant organizational climate is even ruled by subtleties. For details that, in the rush of everyday life, very easily end up unnoticed by entrepreneurs. You can have a visit to for the best results.

Measuring the quality of the work environment requires dexterity and attention to certain specific signals. In a good corporate environment, conflicts and discussions are infrequent and debates take place respectfully. Employees, regardless of their hierarchical level in the company, have good hygienic working conditions and safety.

The relationship between colleagues and superiors is healthy.

In a harmful environment, however, employees feel insecure and often seek to take advantage of each other in certain situations to the detriment of teamwork. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes gossips and often even situations of disrespect occur.

Published in Magazine, Business Professor explains that, in order to maintain a good working environment, leaders must be respectful, as cordial treatment is essential for creating space healthy living. According to her, respect is the foundation that gives meaning to work, ensuring well-being and productivity. Later, you will look at a case that illustrates, in practice, the impact of the work environment on the profitability of your company.

Characteristics of a good work environment

If you have come this far, you are probably already reflecting on the people management and organizational climate of your company. In this sense, it is worth noting some characteristics inherent to a good work environment, which can bring relevant insights:

Communication flows

In a good work environment, problems are not hidden for fear of reprisal, so trust permeates the entire corporate space.

Employees feel free

The absence of so-called micromanagement is a hallmark of a good work environment. You do not notice people telling each other or telling them what to do. Each employee is aware of their tasks and feels free to perform them.  And that way, they are less likely to get sick. At first, managing a good work environment may not even seem so urgent on a manager’s busy schedule. But the numbers show that great leaders need to pay attention to the issue.

Otherwise, the consequences appear in the long run. It is worth mentioning, for example, that depression is already the most disabling disease in the world according to the World Health Organization, affecting over 300 million people and generating annual losses of $ 1 trillion. Of course, it cannot be said that the work environment is the cause of the problem, but it is certainly part of the equation.

Therefore, in order to maintain a motivated, productive and engaged team to meet their goals and boost profitability in the business, strategies that enable the creation of a work environment are indispensable.

Work Environment and Productivity

As we have seen, the work environment has a direct impact on employee productivity and, as a result, on the organization’s financial returns. For employees, as Christine points out, being treated with respect is even more important than recognition, or even opportunities for growth and learning. She emphasizes that respect leads to better levels of health and well-being, which ensures a more productive and healthy environment.

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