Finding the Perfect Solutions for the Best Book

By | October 24, 2019

The publication of a first novel is the culmination of a dream and a long writing process. But if there are many candidates, elected officials are rare. How to navigate, where to go and how? Learn about the Survey of publishing professionals. All beautiful, all hot, your manuscript is complete and you’re proud of it. You now want it to be known in the open and you start the process to have it published. While you know many writers who have manuscripts taking dust in drawers, you: that’s not your case. To create a book online this is essential.

However, among more than 3000 publishing houses in this country which one to choose? How do you know which publisher will be sensitive to your project? How can one be sure to turn to the right publishing house? Here are the key keys to a successful publisher canvassing:

Get re-read

Friends, your family or even the internet, there are lots of people who can become your beta readers. You must give them enough confidence to leave them your baby and that in return they can deliver their criticism without a filter. Your beta-readers can correct some aspects that you may not have noticed, and especially some mistakes that are rhédibitoires when submitting a manuscript.

Beware of bad reflexes

As any author who starts, you certainly have a lot of ambition and you will immediately target the big publishing houses in this country. You are sure of yourself, your novel is exceptional and will necessarily pass in front of others. your enthusiasm and enthusiasm, although it is strength at the beginning, can quickly come up against the inexorable refusal and you will lose faith in yourself.

Indeed, the signature at a big publisher does not arrive. It’s not even your writing, your style or your content that is being questioned, but simply the fact that you are not known or recommended. The big publishers are overbooked. And they will tell you in their tasteless formatted letters: before the flow of manuscripts, yours goes unnoticed. They may not have even just read it.

create a book online

Come back to the base

Focus on your book and ask yourself the right questions to better target your interlocutors and not to distribute the manuscript to all winds by enriching the publishing house: What is your book about? Who is the final reader?

Finding a publisher is a long way, sometimes laborious. It is essential to define the genre of your work, to define even the sub-genre, and as precisely as possible. As a result, you will be able to directly send your manuscript to the appropriate collection manager rather than put it on the table of the director of the publishing house who will not know what to do with it.

Be clear and avoid false promises: do not say it’s the new Star Wars, mixed with the Lord of the Rings, with the main character Harry Potter’s twin, it’s grotesque, no one will believe it. If you still doubt, look for your sources of inspiration in your own library. Take the opportunity to write this in your future companion mail, along with the presentation of the manuscript.

Editor’s List

Once this step is completed, you can list the publishers that correspond to your work. The relevant publishers are everywhere: look at the books you have in the library, look at the covers in literary salons, at the bookstore.