Participating in Growing in Faith Together

Growing in Faith Together sessions take place monthly between Labor Day and the Easter Season.  Each month we run the same session four times in order to accommodate the large number of participants and their different schedules.  Every session begins with a meal.  What follows will vary from month to month, but usually includes an opening activity in common and age-appropriate breakouts (K-4 including at least one parent, middle school, high school, and adult). Sometimes we reassemble for a concluding activity.  Each session runs no longer than 2 1/2 hours.

Among the many strengths of GIFT   is its ability to leverage the power of community for the benefit of all and engage adults in the task of their own faith formation.  This enhances their ability to meet their responsibilities at home, as citizens, and in their workplaces.  Parents are always welcome to accompany their child to his or her specific breakout.  Otherwise adults participate their own breakout.  

Enrollment begins in the late spring for the coming year, but registrations are welcome any time.  We encourage participants to register right away since that helps our planning and lessens the chance that a particular session will have reached capacity and closed.  Please be aware that enrollment in the Sunday evening session is especially heavy, so prompt registration is especially important.  Once the year is underway, please call the office if you would like to attend a different session that month.  We'll accommodate if we can.   

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