Statement of Purpose

What is  Growing in Faith Together??

GIFT is an innovative approach to faith formation that equips the parish to become a community of lifelong learning. Faith formation is centered in the events of church life, embraces all ages and generations, and promotes faith growth at home.

The Structure of Growing in Faith Together

The GIFT program offers three means of catechesis. Each component is critical to the overall effectiveness of this method of faith development.

First of all, each month's formation theme will come from selected Sunday readings. The scriptures will provide the foundation for liturgical catechesis around each theme which will be developed through the music, homily, and prayers during Mass. Experiencing church life, events, and seasons through the liturgies is the source for the Generations formation approach. As formation sessions are designed to prepare and reflect on the readings from Mass, it is important to attend Sunday liturgies.

The second part of the GIFT program is attending the monthly formation session. Formation sessions will include comprehensive faith formation including the following:

  1. Knowledge of the faith
  2. Liturgical life
  3. Moral formation
  4. Prayer
  5. Belonging to a community
  6. Missionary spirit

Formation sessions will provide activities and content consistent with the readings and experiences in the selected Mass. Sessions will include a meal, large group activities, reflection, prayers, and instruction, and breakout sessions based on developmental levels. All households have been assigned to a particular formation session.

Finally, the third component of the GIFT model is the home connection. The Catholic Church sees the family as "the domestic church," integrating home and parish into a comprehensive model of faith formation. Home learning materials, both online and in hard copy, are designed to help extend and expand the learning from the formation sessions and Masses. The goal is to create a pattern of family faith sharing that is integral to family life and woven into the fabric of daily life. Home kits will include materials to enable the following:

  • Celebrating traditions and rituals
  • Learning the Catholic faith story
  • Praying together
  • Serving others and working for justice
  • Enriching relationships and daily life

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