Bible Study

Pope Francis is strong advocate for Catholics to take up the Bible for study and personal spiritual enrichment. Our collaborative offers Bible study for adult faith formation to foster deeper understanding of sacred scripture. People participate in Bible study for many different reasons. Some of the ways attendees have told us they find these studies helpful:

  • Learning what the Bible is, where it came from, what it means in the Catholic context
  • Encourages personal reading of the Bible for prayer and study
  • Better understanding of scriptures when hearing them proclaimed at Mass
  • Feeling a closer relationship to God
  • Greater confidence when speaking to other people about the source of their faith

The upcoming collaborative spring Bible study: Panorama of the New Testament.·      

  • This study provides an overview of the New Testament beginning with the Gospels and continuing to the final book, Revelation.  It provides content and background summaries that help us understand what the authors were teaching. It also covers smaller texts that don’t ordinarily receive dedicated studies.   
  • Panorama explores the New Testament, weaving together from each of the books a picture of how God's plan of salvation unfolds in Jesus.
  • While every character, story, and book of Scripture is significant in itself and worthy of in depth study, stepping back for this broad panoramic view helps us to take in and understand God s single, unified plan for human history.
  • People experienced with Bible study will find this a fruitful way to look back over the journey you have already taken. It helps to explain the relationship of each of the texts to the whole.
  • People new to Bible study will discover the diversity and scope of NT. It is an excellent preparation for continuing studies in all of the Bible but especially of the New Testament.
  • This scope of content provides a sense of the topics covered:
    • Introductory Session
    • Lesson 1—The Good News of Jesus Christ; The Synoptic Tradition
    • Lesson 2—The Lukan Writings; The Johannine Tradition
    • Lesson 3—The Great Letters of Paul; Captivity, Eschatological, and Pastoral Letters
    • Lesson 4—Hebrews and the Catholic Letters; The Book of Revelation

 The study begins Tuesday evening April 25th at 7:30 pm and will meet for five weeks. The cost of the study guide and commentary will be between $16-$18. Please enroll via email with Steve Ryan. The enrollment deadline is April 12th to allow sufficient time to order materials.

To learn more about Bible study, enroll in a program or get your questions answered, please contact Steve Ryan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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