Faith Formation

Our parish's faith formation effort has one all-important goal: to help us to become better disciples of the Lord and walk our Christian pilgrimage back to God ever more deliberately, generously, and faithfully. That pilgrimage began at baptism; it is nourished and supported at the Eucharistic celebration; it proceeds in the company of many brothers and sisters in faith; it is to be walked in the actual circumstances we encounter each day; it concludes at the end of our time on earth when we go home to God. It does not matter where you are along this pilgrim path or even if you have never taken it seriously. It does not matter if you are disillusioned, confused, or distracted. What matters is that you want to walk your journey of faith as best you can from where you are.

Growing in Faith Together - GIFT - is our primary model of faith formation. It is an innovative approach to fatih formation that equips the parish to become a community of lifelong learning.  this faith formation is centered on the events of church life, embraces all ages and generations, and promotes the growth of faith at home.

Springing from the foundations built in Growing in Faith Together we support the particular needs of those in various life stages:


Middle School youth

High School youth



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