Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council (PFC) aids the pastor in the administration of parish goods, including the buildings, grounds, movable property, and finances. It monitors the financial condition of the parish on a monthly basis and advises the pastor on matters that affect the parish's fiscal condition, including income, expenses, and special funding needs. It assists in the preparation of the budget and generally works to maintain and improve the parish's financial strength.

The PFC offers its counsel on decisions that will significantly impact the assets of the parish or its ability to meet its financial responsibilities, including prioritizing major repair and maintenance projects, deciding how to pay for them, advising on communications with parishioners, and reviewing annual pledge efforts and proposals for major fund-raising campaigns.

In June of 2014, the St. Isidore - St. Elizabeth of Hungary parish collaborative was officially established. Membership in a collaborative leaves each parish comprising it intact as a separate pastoral and financial entity. Accordingly, each parish continues to have its own finance council as required by church law.  In our collaborative, the membership of each PFC is  drawn from its own parishioners. To promote mutual understanding and support, however, the two PFCs normally meet together. 

The PFC comprises men and women with experience in accounting, law, business, finance, and other relevant fields. They work together so that the temporal assets of the parish fully support its pastoral mission. Members are appointed by the pastor in accordance with archdiocesan rules.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish publishes the annual financial report each fall.

Membership is as given in the bulletin. 

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