Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI)

Background screening is a tool the Church uses to enhance the safety of our children, youth, elderly and the disabled. Carrying out background checks on those who minister to our most vulnerable populations enables us to live up to our commitment and responsibility to provide a safe environment for those whom we serve. 

The Archdiocese of Boston mandates that all volunteers who minister directly to children or elders, or who have the potential for unmonitored access to children and must be Virtus (Child Abuse Protection) trained and must have a CORI check. This requirement may include, but is not limited to GIFT and Teen Alpha group leaders, chaperones, Confirmation leaders,  First Communion program leaders, Children's Liturgy of the Word ministers, musicians, altar server trainers, EM's for the homebound, etc.

You only need to complete the Virtus training once. The Criminal Offender (CORI) checks must be completed on a yearly basis and are submitted for each organization in which one volunteers. (A school CORI check, for example, will not be acceptable for church.) However, a CORI completed for one parish is good for both parishes in the collaborative.

CORI forms must be completed and returned to a staff member by Oct. 1. CORI forms are available in the collaborative offices and after masses. You may also complete a CORI with the staff leader of your ministry.

Important note: When completing your CORI form, please make sure  to bring a license, state ID card or passport for in person ID verification. 


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