Checkpoints for buying a Condominium

By | September 14, 2019

Buying an apartment, whether it is for an investment property or the home of our dreams, is a serious financial decision and can have a long-term impact on our lives, so no matter how we choose. So here are some tips to keep in mind.  For more in this you can visit .

Get a zero certificate.

This is to our advantage as a seller and as a buyer and should not be missed since it is not uncommon for a condominium to have universality in its Organizational and Operational Regulations, i.e. the seller’s debt can be claimed on the buyer. We are informing you about the financial situation of the condominium, as it can be very unpleasant to find that you have to make a more serious deposit immediately after moving in.

Check the technical conditions

Not to be neglected is the technical condition of the building, the real renovations planned, the problem with the gas network or the problem of upgrading the electricity meter in our home. Let’s find out what the common cost really is. Unfortunately, you may experience a case where the buyer was shocked when you told him that even though the seller, the gym and the swimming pool had informed, there was no common cost involved.

Climate and antenna mounting on the facade can also be a pivotal point. Nowadays, more and more buildings are banned for mounting not only the exterior but also the interior façade.

Meeting with the Solicitor

Ask your solicitor to verify that the same parameters are included in the deed of incorporation and the deed of ownership. Because the common representative works from the deed of incorporation, he takes the data there when calculating the common cost, for example.

Check the Space Distribution

It is also not negligible whether there is really storage space for the property, for example, whether anyone can use the cellar or the garage or the parking lot. It can be awkward when we buy an apartment so we can park it in the yard and find out only from the common representative that these are not automatic permissions. Walk around the neighborhood at as many times as possible, observe the parking options on weekends or evenings, the people coming, the neighborhood or the stairwell.

Of course, there is information in the list that will not be released by the most cooperative joint representative, since he is only entitled to provide it to the owners. Therefore, it is most appropriate for the seller to ask the sales representative for answers to our questions.

Obtaining a copy of the ownership sheet

You can easily obtain a copy of a property page, either by exact address or by geographic number. If you have a client gateway, you can download the copy of the desired ownership sheet from the Land Registry’s website for as little as $ 1,000, and those who do not have a client gate, county and district government offices and the Land Registry to ask. The ownership sheet gives you an idea of ​​the ownership of the property and whether it is subject to usufruct or other charges, such as mortgages or prohibitions on alienation and encumbrance.

If you look at these points, you won’t expect many surprises after moving in.