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Disciples in Mission
The Pastoral Plan [Disciples in Mission] ... seeks to revitalize the Church in Boston by positioning our parishes more solidly for the task of evangelization, the work of reaching out to our brothers and sisters and drawing them more fully to Christ Jesus." -Disciples in Mission, A Pastoral Plan for the Archdiocese of Boston.

Each parish and collaborative in the Archdiocese of Boston has been asked to form a pastoral plan. This page provides information and resources in service of that mission.

For details on the archdiocesan plan, Disciples in Mission, go to the archdiocesan website

View the Apple Valley Catholic Collaborative Pastoral Plan.

Forming Disciples in Mission: A Workshop in Parish-Based Evangelization
Saturday, November 5, 9:00 AM - 3:40PM in the St. Elizabeth parish center. Register for this workshop at:

The Basics
Forming Disciples in Mission is a one-day or two-evening session that will support all those involved in a Collaborative to develop a common language and skill set for the work of the New Evangelization. During the session, participants will learn how to share personal testimony and form disciples, develop an understanding of what makes evangelizing parishes, and discuss practical ways to evangelize in parish life.

The Audience
In accordance with Disciples in Mission, any and all parish and collaborative staff (pastoral teams), parish councils, school boards, finance councils, collaborative councils, and plan-writing teams are strongly encouraged to attend this workshop. Any and all volunteers or parishioners whom you believe would benefit from this training and support are also welcome and encouraged to attend.We encourage the councils, boards, writing teams, and pastoral teams to attend this workshop together as a group, where they can benefit from discussing the ideas and material presented together immediately. We understand the realities of those living busy lives as well, and know that it may not always be possible for a team or council to attend a particular date together.

The details:
Forming Disciples in Mission provides a comprehensive exploration of six core sessions:

  • The New Evangelization:
  • Teaching the Art of LivingDisciples
  • Embracing the Call to HolinessWitness
  • Sharing Personal TestimonyForming Disciples
  • Living the Great CommissionEvangelizing Parishes
  • Becoming Centers for the New EvangelizationGateway Moments
  • Evangelizing through Parish Life

Workshop is available at St. Elizabeth on Saturday, November 5, 9:00 AM - 3:40 PM in the parish center. Register for this workshop at:
















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