Day: July 1, 2021

TRC20 Implement Rules and its Required Items

Everyone asks the question, What is TRC20? And some of them knows that TRC20 means TRC20 Token Standard that is one of the standard based on the implementation of the smart contract when people are usingTRON network to issue a token. It is used for swap, transfer, and share tokens and be supported by digital wallets. And all the TRC20 tokens are following the series of specifications that have included the six important requirement items and three optional items. It has some implementation rules that depend on three optional items first one is Token Name and then the token abbreviation that is TERC that means the abbreviation of TRON Europe Reward Coin. TRON Europe Reward Coin and then the TERC has resembled like the same token and then TERC is a simple one. The third one is token precision that is the minimum divisible unit. Precision 0 means that the value of the minimum divisible unit is 1. And another one is precision 2 means the value of the minimum divisible unit is 0.01. so that the maximum value of precision is 18.

Six Required Items:

What is TRC20?

The first one is a total supply which is a function of the total supply of the token the other one is the balance of something that is the function of returns the token balance of the specific account. The third one is the transfer that means the function is used to transfer several tokens from the smart contract to the specific address. And

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